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Graziano Scarabicchi DOWNLOAD BIOGRAPHY

Thirty something. Good looking.

University student of Philosophy who has fallen behind in his academic requirements.

When he came out to his middle-class parents, they basically drove him away from home.

To support himself, he was flipping burgers, until he met Stefano, with whom he immediately fell in love.

The two have been living together at Stefano’s place for a few years. Tony looks after the house.

He is more effeminate than Stefano, but not strikingly so.

Although he’s an impulsive character, he often regrets it and has the courage to recognize his mistakes.

He trusts Stefano blindly. He is not jealous of him and his close friendship with Marina (whom he likes too) is not a problem for him.

Conversely, his relation with Anna, although good, is not as intimate. The fact that Anna is a bit jealous of Stefano irritates him.