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A bit older than 30. Good looking.

Law degree. Works for a public body.

She loves wearing simple but fashionable outfits.

Comes from a middle class family. Her parents have always supported and helped her in all her life decisions. She had a happy childhood.

She has been a close friend of Stefano since they were children. They have always discussed and shared their problems and fears linked to their sexual orientation.

She attended a boarding school with a rigid educational setting, where she had her first sexual encounters with other girls. This experience had a major impact on her, driving her to seek same-sex relations only.

She is lucky enough to have very understanding parents. She is very devoted to her parents and has a very good relation with them, especially with her father who has recently died. She has inked a tattoo on her arm as a reminder of him. Her decision to live with Anna was accepted, but not fully shared by her parents.

Assertive and often impulsive. She knows what she wants and fights for it until she gets it.

She may seem pushy, especially with people she is more intimate with (such as Anna and Stefano). Deep inside, she is adorable and generous.

While at times showing an emotion-driven impulsive behavior, she has the courage and the power to admit to her mistakes.

Her apparent ‘roughness’ actually masks some deep insecurity (she bites her nails when she is nervous).

She has a very close and strong relation with Stefano, the only man she fully trusts and whom she loves a lot.

Her relationship with Anna is based on true love. They have been living together for the past 10 years.

She gets annoyed by Anna’s possessiveness and jealousy and by Anna’s dislike of her close and unique friendship with Stefano. She has no intention of renouncing him and his friendship.

A matter-of-fact woman, she is no dreamer.