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Marco Gandolfi Vannini DOWNLOAD BIOGRAPHY

Thirty something.

University graduate. He has a good consulting job which leaves him free to plan his own work schedule.

He enjoys wearing elegant and fashionable clothes.

There is nothing in his behavior that gives away his sexual orientation.

He lost both parents when he was still a kid. Ever since, he has lived with an elderly sanctimonious aunt, who has raised him until he became of age.

Since he was a young child, he has been a close friend with Marina, with whom he has shared the same problems and fears. He would do anything for her.

When he decided to come out of the closet, he preferred to move out to a place of his own, not to hurt his aunt.

Life hasn’t always been good to him. Being gay has often been an obstacle, but he has never got depressed and has kept on fighting to build himself a career.

Smart, sweet, generous and polite. Understanding and patient with Marina whom he knows to be impulsive at times.

He has never slept with a woman.

While he has had a few previous relationships, he has now been living with Tony for some time, whom he deeply loves.

He and Marina often meet. She sees him as her mentor.