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In her thirties. Good looking.

Studied at Art College. She loves art and is a mediocre amateur artist.

She comes from a not very wealthy family.

As soon as she came of age, she left her parents’ home, because they would not accept her sexual orientation, nor support her artistic aspirations. They actually wanted her to look for a proper job once she finished Art College.

Following her instinct, she has had different bisexual relationships.

The lack of support from her family meant that she could only rely on herself even in difficult times, but at the same time she learned to solve all her problems for herself.

She wears casual, sometimes a bit weird clothes. She often daydreams, lost in her own world.

Simple, at times absent-minded, and often trusting people a bit too much. For all these reasons Marina is her reference point.

Her desire has always been to get to know and hang around with artists, with whom she loves to talk about art and related issues.

In love she is sweet but also jealous and possessive specially when she feels threatened. She would do anything to defend her relationship with Marina whom she has truly loved for 10 years.

She knows Stefano well and likes him as a person, but she is jealous of his unique friendship with Marina, because she feels she is not part of it.

She doesn’t like it when Marina and Stefano go out together, just the two of them.

While she may strongly fight for her ideas and beliefs, she is also ready to admit when she is wrong.