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by Silvio Alfonso Nacucchi



ANNA and MARINA are a lesbian couple who have been living together for over 10 years.

STEFANO and TONY, a close gay couple, are their good friends.

Since childhood Marina has been a close friend of Stefano, with whom she has shared all the problems related to their condition. They are true friends: one soul in two bodies.

They often meet, just the two of them.


Anna tells Marina that she would like to have a baby, also to strengthen their relationship.

Marina enthusiastically reacts by telling Anna that she has actually had the same idea.

There is a problem however: they both want to become mothers, but they cannot afford raising two kids.

Neither of them wants to give up, since they both see this as their last chance to be a mom.

The ensuing conflict with its constant arguments is wearing out their relationship.

They are both threatening each other to find an independent solution.

Marina asks Stefano for help: artificial insemination could solve the problem, but it costs €15 thousand to get it abroad, for the hospital and all related expenses.

Neither of them has got the money. Therefore Stefano suggests Marina to sleep with a man. Incensed by the suggestion, she angrily rejects it.

They have an argument.

When she’s back home, Marina can’t find Anna. She’s sure that she has decided to sleep with a man as she had threatened to do. Marina, also deeply disappointed with Stefano, poisons herself.


Anna calls the ambulance that takes her to the hospital.

She is in a coma. Red Code emergency.


Stefano is deeply troubled by guilty feelings that his quarrel with Marina might have triggered her suicide attempt. While talking to Tony about something else, the latter unwillingly suggests a solution: the fastest way to make money is through prostitution.


What will be Stefano’s choice? Will Marina survive?


Only by seeing the movie you will get to know their stories.